The Discovery Group, Inc


Pre-Employment Background Screening

The Discovery Group, Inc. has been performing Pre-Employment Background Checks for Employers of all sizes since 1996. Today no Employer should hire someone without at least checking to see if that person has a criminal background. Regardless of the size of your business, pre-employment screening is a necessary hiring practice to avoid lawsuits and costly hiring mistakes. Gone are the days of a simple reference check and a few phone calls to screen new employees. Amid security concerns, corporate scandals, and workplace violence, pre-employment screening has been gaining popularity. Our smarter, comprehensive research techniques produce thorough, accurate background checks and screening reports that meet the unique needs of our clients and the standards of federal and international employment background check guidelines.

Tenant Screening

The Discovery Group, Inc. provides Tenant Screening services to property owners and property management companies no matter how many units they own or manage. Our service is different than most instant tenant screening services. We insure you get the most current information like FED evictions filed the same day the search is performed. This can only be accomplished by actually searching the FED filings in the Court of Record.

Attorney Support Services

We take pride in providing attorneys a comprehensive menu of investigative services to help strengthen and support their cases. Our team of professionals represents more than 30 years of investigative experience. We can help you find missing defendants, plaintiffs and witnesses. We can uncover and confirm assets, investigate liens whether federal, state or local and provide criminal and civil background checks to insure the integrity of your case. More>>

Pre-Settlement Funding

We specialize in working closely with attorneys on personal injury, workers’ compensation and medical malpractice cases that qualify for Pre-Settlement funding. Our understanding of the settlement process allows us to insure our payback amount never interferes with your settling of the case. Our rates are well below the national average for this type of funding. More>>