The Discovery Group, Inc


Attorney Support Services

We offer comprehensive menu of investigation and attorney services to support legal action, strengthen cases and verify facts. We assist attorneys and members of their legal team in several areas of a case. We have an impeccable reputation in providing accurate information in a timely manner. Whether we help you find a witness, uncover the Defendant’s assets, verify ownership of a vehicle or advance money to your client, we are here to help. We will do what it takes to make your job easier.


• We fund a variety of different cases including:
-Vehicle Accidents
-Workers Compensation
-Products Liability
-Medical Malpractice
-Wrongful Death
-Nursing Home Cases

• Non-recourse advance payments for financial settlements anticipated from lawsuits
• We provide immediate financial assistance to Plaintiff’s when they need money now and have nowhere else to turn.
• Allowing Plaintiffs access to our funds gives them an opportunity to live while recovering from their injuries or while their case is being litigated.
• The Discovery Group, Inc. approves your application based strictly on your pending lawsuit and not on your credit.
• You can use the money to meet any of your living needs. The Discovery Group, Inc. does not have any control over you or your case.
• In personal injury cases, if you lose your case then the money is yours to keep without paying it back to us.
• Attorney’s in most stats can not advance money to their clients due to ethical reasons.
• The process of getting approved for an advance is simple. You contact us and we fill out an application over the phone. We contact your attorney’s office to obtain information about your case (you must contact them and allow them to release information pertaining to your case). We send everything to our underwriting department and they make the final decision.
• There are no application fees or hidden expenses.
• Pricing – depends on length of case. However, you will be aware of your exact payback amount at the time you sign your lien. We go over this in detail with the client. This makes our company “unique” in this line of work. Most national companies charge interest that accrues monthly or dailey.
• No risk. No payments while your case is pending. Payment in full is made to us once your case settles or you are awarded money in Court.