The Discovery Group, Inc


Pre-Settlement Funding

We specialize in working closely with attorneys on personal injury, workers’ compensation and medical malpractice cases that qualify for Pre-Settlement funding. Our understanding of the settlement process insures that the payback amount does not interfere with you settling the case. Our rates are well below the national average for this type of funding.

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• The Discovery Group, Inc. may be able help you with living expenses or emergencies while your attorney is negotiating your case. Often times, clients are forced to settle for less then the true value of their case. The Discovery Group, Inc. may be able to assist you financially so that you are not forced to take an unfair settlement offer.

• In the event that you do not win your lawsuit in a personally injury case, you owe The Discovery Group, Inc. nothing.


F & Q’s:

How does it work?
• Once you contact our office, we will start your application free of charge.
• We will call your Attorney’s office and they will provide us with all the information that is needed to complete the application plus any additional paperwork pertaining to your case that is needed.
• Our underwriting department reviews the facts of your case and makes a decision.
• If approved, we send you the appropriate paperwork that is needed for you to obtain the cash advance.
• After your attorney signs the paperwork, we send you your money. It is that easy.

How long does it take?
• As little as 2-3 business days.

How much does it cost?
• You pay nothing until your case settles or you win your lawsuit.
• No application fee.
• No interest rate. A flat payback fee is applied. Before signing any papers, you will know EXACTLY what your payback amount will be at any given time.
• No hidden fees or agreements.

When are we paid back?
• The total payback amount is paid from the proceeds of the case settlement and is paid at the same time that the proceeds of the claim are paid out.

Any additional fees or expenses:
• No. Unlike most other companies, we do not charge an application fee.

Why can’t my attorney advance me money?
• Most state bar associations have ruled it to be unethical for attorney’s to advance or “loan” their client money.

Is this a loan?
• This is not a loan. A loan always requires repayment. This transaction is sale of a portion of a potential lawsuit that is only paid back if you settle your claim or win your lawsuit.

How do I apply?
• You can either call us at (877) 425-0170 or fill out a quick and easy online application. Either way, we will start your application process the same day. Click here XXX to fill out an online application.

What important factors about your case are taken into consideration during the approval process?
• Liability is a key factor.
• Clear understanding of how the injuries were sustained (example: details of a car accident that are obtained from a police report).
• We take into consideration the amount of money that is already owed on the case, such as medical bills and liens.
• The amount of medical bills and lost wages.